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Bad Signs

Some symptoms are signs that the child is so affected by its illness that you must contact a doctor immediately.

Drowsy/apathetic: The child will for example only lie in bed and does not want to play.

Does not drink or pee: Most children do not want to eat but can be lured into drinking. If the child does not drink it will become dehydrated and urination will cease.

Irritable: The child reacts irritably towards light and sound.

Cadaverous and pale: The child’s face looks unhealthy.

Strained breathing: Can be a sign of pneumonia

Unable to put forehead against its knees or look at its navel: This can be caused by a stiff neck and back and might be a sign of meningitis.

Dot-shaped red spots in the skin: The spots do not disappear if you press a spectacle lens against the spots and look trough the glass. It can be a sign of meningitis.

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