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Good Signs

With children, the evaluation of their general condition is of great importance. A child playing, watching TV or listening to the radio is only rarely seriously ill.

It is also a good sign, if the child can be distracted by reading aloud to it or playing with it. Generally speaking, a child’s general condition is fine when it can play and be distracted, as described above, even though the child may not be as fresh as when it is fully well.

When a child is falling ill, it often gets faint, whimpering, uneasy or cries. Small children can sometimes complain about stomach pains or vomit without it being an illness in the stomach. Larger children often complain about headaches and do not want to eat or play.

Fever is an indication that the child has an infection. The temperature does not tell you how ill the child is but is necessary and useful information.

Many children do not want to play when they are ill. That is okay as long as the child is hydrated. If the child has a fever, it is particularly important for it to hydrate. It is a good sign if the child urinates several times a day, because this means that the child is hydrated.

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