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Nasal Spray

Is used when the mucous membrane of the nose has swollen, for example in the case of common cold. Nasal spray reduces the swelling of the mucous membranes in the nose so the passage of air through the nose is eased for the child. At the same time, the valve opens to the middle ear. By an middle ear infection, the pain relieves, and the duration of the disease can be shortened by nasal drops. Children with throat infection can sometimes need nasal spray.

How to give a nasal spray: blow the baby's nose. Put the child on your lap with its back to your stomach. Bend the child's head slightly forward. Close the child's one nostrils with one finger. Place the tip of the spray in the second nostrils and press the pump down. Repeat this in the second nostrils.

If the child has a tendency for middle ear infection, you may have nose drops standing at home. Remember that nasal spray can only be used for 1 week at a time.

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