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Painkilling Medication

A child in pain, for example because the child has fallen, has an earache or has been burned, can have painkilling medication. However, children with stomach-ache cannot have painkilling medication before you have consulted a doctor.

Paracetamol is a painkilling medicate that can be bought in the pharmacy over the counter. If paracetamol does not sufficiently soothe the pains, the doctor can prescribe another painkiller (Ibuprofen). Remember that children less than 2 years old must not be medicated without instructions from a doctor.


May only be used for children more than 2 years old and for no longer than 2 days. The instructed dosage is printed onto the packaging.


Good to have if the child will not take tablets. The dosage is printed onto the bottle.


Should be inserted into the rectum. Can be used if the child has nausea, vomits or does not want to take tablets/mixture. Remember to check if the suppository slides out (the suppository should be inserted with the flat end first). The dosage is printed onto the packaging.

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